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MB-300 Towable Backhoe

Machine, Accessories, and Parts

MB-300 Towable Backhoe

Parts and Accessories

  • Close-up photo of the tapered trenching bucket for the mb-300 from Jansen USA. Tapered from 20" to 8" has 2 teeth.

    20 to 8 inch Tapered “V” Bucket for MB-300

  • Close up of 24" smooth bucket for MB-300

    24″ Smooth Bucket for MB-300

  • close up of 14 inch trench bucket for MB-300 towable backhoe. Has 3 teeth.

    14 Inch Ripping Bucket for MB-300

  • Stationary thumb mounted on the MB-300 towable backhoe from Jansen USA

    Thumb for MB300 backhoe

  • MB-300 Towable Backhoe hydraulic cylinder

    MB-300 Hydraulic Cylinder

  • Hydraulic Hoses for MB-300 Towable Backhoe

    MB-300 Towable Backhoe Hydraulic Hoses

  • Wheel Bearing for the mb-300 Towable Backhoe

    Wheel bearing Backhoe

  • MB-300 Towable Backhoe Control Leaver

    Control Lever (Backhoe)

  • Oil Seal for the MB-300 Towable Backhoe

    Oil Seal Wheel Axle Backhoe


 We keep most parts in stock and can get you what you need even if it is not listed here. 

Contact us at on the contact page or info@jansenusa.com with the part number or a photo. We will send you an invoice directly.