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Towable Backhoe MB-300

From: $3,999.00

  • 14 Inch Ripping Bucket for MB-300

  • 20 to 8 inch Tapered "V" Bucket for MB-300

  • 24" Smooth Bucket for MB-300

  • Thumb for MB300 backhoe


The MB-300 is in stock and ready to ship. Shipping time is about 7 to 10 days depending on your location. 

Upgrade your productivity with our MB-300 towable backhoe. Unleash the power and efficiency of our top-of-the-line towable backhoe, meticulously crafted to optimize productivity. Featuring an impressive 130-degree operating radius and a robust 9.5 HP, four-stroke LCT motor, the MB-300 is the ultimate workhorse. 

The 9.5 hp motor by LCT is the perfect size to feed the large 3.8 gallon per min hydraulic system without sacrificing the user’s comfort by making the machine jumpy or vibrating too much.

Durable design:

The sleek gray and black powder coat is amazingly durable. It tops thick hardened steel, making this one of the toughest machines on the market. 

Compact and Agile Design:

With a width of 6 feet from outside of wheel, to outside of wheel and a length of 10 feet when the boom is curled in. Our backhoe offers exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces. In addition, it is the perfect size for storing in a garage or barn or towing on a trailer. 

Enhanced Mobility:

Equipped with 16-inch off-road wheels capable of reaching speeds of up to 35mph, our backhoe is ideal for towing with a small tractor or ATV. Please note that the wheels are not rated for use on roads or highways. 

Here are a few additional exceptional features of our MB-300Towable Backhoe:

Digging Depth: 7 feet Extended Reach: up to 8 feetRipping Force: approximately  4,500 pounds hydraulic efficiency: experience precise control with four double-action hydraulic cylinders  Lifting Capacity: Safely handle loads weighing up to 1,800 pounds

Competitive Pricing:

Our towable backhoe, complete with a standard 9-inch bucket, is attractively priced at $3,999. Enhance your operations with additional buckets available for just $350 each. For added functionality, consider our stationary thumb attachment, available at $285. Choose from a range of buckets: 14-inch bucket with teeth (rip bucket), 24-inch smooth bucket 20 to 8-inch tapered bucket (has Teeth)

Shipping Note:

When purchasing buckets together with the backhoe, no additional shipping costs apply. However, if you decide to purchase buckets separately, a shipping charge will be added. 

Technical Specifications of the MB-300 towable backhoe:

  • Engine: 9.5 HP LCT, 4-stroke OHV engine Fuel Type: Regular unleaded 
  • Starter: Recoil starter Weight: Approximately 1150lbs (excluding fluids) 
  • Boom Swing Angle Range: 130 degrees 
  • Digging Depth: Approximately 7 feet 
  • Reach: Approximately 8 feet 
  • Load Capacity: 420lbs (buckets)
  • Included: 9-inch bucket 
  • Trailer Coupling: Includes 2″ ball and towing mechanism 
  • Transport-friendly: Exchange wheels and support axles for easy transportation 
  • Hydraulic System: 4 double-acting hydraulic cylinders, 2 lever control valve
  •  Packaging Dimensions: 88″ x 39″ x 33″ (L x W x H) 
  •  Hydraulic Oil Volume: 4gal (HLP46) Napa auto parts R&O 85-105 or Tractor Supply’s universal hydraulic fluid (10W40 or 15W40)
  • Total Length: 127″ Support Width: 78″ 
  • Mainframe Width: 37″ 
  • Maximum Height: 77″ 
  • Hydraulic Pump: 3.8g/m 
  • Steel Thickness: Ranges from 3 1/16″ to 1/4″ 



For further assistance or any inquiries, please contact us at (619) 928-8248. We are eager to address your questions about our high-performance towable backhoe and provide guidance!  Shipping Information: Shipping typically takes 7-10 business days for residential addresses and up to 4 weeks for rural areas.

13 reviews for Towable Backhoe MB-300

  1. bruce knight

    I have an older mb300 and have used it for many years. If you want easy digging wait till after a big rain. They dig fast that way. Even backhoes have trouble in dry ground. Over all they are pretty good. I added 4 trailer hitch jacks to the frame for more stability when getting ready to dig. The towable part, If you are towing very far secure the boom with come alongs for extra safety.

  2. Samuel Capers

    Got one 3 years ago and ordered another last week. friendly people and very satisfied with this backhoe as I dig graves with it.

  3. Henry Bruns

    This has been one of my best purchases. It is an efficient and well-made machine.
    I live in southern Alberta, Canada. I had Jansen USA ship the purchased backhoe to a Montana shipping warehouse. It was stored there until I drove down with a trailer to pick it up. Three warehouse lads and a dollie helped me lift the large wooden box it comes in into the trailer. At the Canadian customs crossing the officers charged me GST on the purchase price (remember to take your payment receipt with you). Other Canadian provinces will charge PST as well. There was no foreign duty.
    I am a mechanical engineer, and did not have a problem assembling the unit.
    This machine is a workhorse. I bought it to renovate an old road on my property; however, once the backhoe was operational I found all sorts of other jobs for it to do including crudely leveling my back yard for a brick patio, creating a ramp to the front door, and digging out a compost pit. It has also been towed to a friend’s garden to do work there. I bought the unit in March 2020 (just before the border closed) and it has been heavily used during the months the ground wasn’t frozen. It is now November 2021 and I am finishing up the old road. When working in the hot sun, I attached a flexible camp chair umbrella to the backhoe seat for shade. I made wooden shoes for the foot spikes when walking the machine across my asphalt driveway.
    The machine has been used a lot and I have had to replace a few nuts and an hydraulic hose as they wore out. They were a standard size and easy to find at the local hardware store. Important points to remember are to replace the hydraulic fluid periodically and lubricate moving parts, as suggested in the manual.
    Jansen Customer Service is good. There is someone in their office who responds to emails (1-2 days) and is knowledgeable. They carry parts for their machines and will ship the items to you.
    This little machine has saved me thousands of dollars in landscaping and equipment rental fees. It paid for itself within a couple of months. The jobs take longer because the machine is smaller but you can do it when you want, when the weather is suitable, and when you feel like it. You don’t have to book a contractor.”

  4. Mike Vanhooser

    i own very rocky ground and there is no way i could excavate or trench without it –

  5. John

    The mb300 has saved me tons of money in rental fees but not in expense , as now I find more to do with it. I’ve built ponds, dug out for a small foundation, and dug trenches for electric and water on my property. Well worth the money and the customer service is great!

  6. Dave

    I’ve had this machine for a year now and I can’t overstate the quality, power, or reliability of this little monster. I’ve seen people write on other forums and reviews that towable backhoes are “good for digging in grass” or “in soft dirt.” Let me tell you – I’ve moved giant boulders with this thing, pulled 4 x 3 x 3 foot boulders out of holes in the ground, dug through rocky soil, etc. It is an absolute monster. After the winter this year the engine started on the first pull, as it always does, every time. Just wear your seatbelt when you use it. The machine is light but its power isn’t. The machine can easily lift its own weight. Not in a dangerous way, but in a way that if whatever you’re trying to move is going to give you a fight, the machine might lift itself a little. So the seatbelt keeps you firmly in the seat. I can’t imagine most people will use it for the obscene workloads I threw at it, but just an FYI. 10 thumb up – exceptional quality machine.

  7. Seve Smith

    Knowledgeable and friendly service ; Lee is the best! I purchased the MB-300 and WOW what a beast! It’s the help I have desperately needed. Thanks Jansen for offering this quality machine!

  8. Rick Reed

    bought this the summer of 2023, pretty impressed with it so far. have a lot of projects around the house that I’m going to use this for, just toying around with it has been fun , The staff at Jansen were great to work with , Assembly by myself was a bit interesting. but got it done.

  9. Russell Granger

    I purchased this Back Hoe about a year ago to help out on my small horse ranch. I have used it on numerous projects. I also purchased the thumb to help remove larger rocks and the thumb works okay but not great. In soft to moderate soil, the back hoe is great. I have also dug a 5 foot deep hole in hard rocky ground. I had to chain the back hoe to my truck to keep it from pulling forward. I think I maxed out the capacity of this little back hoe but it performed well. The engine works fine but the carburetor jets tend to get dust in them but it is not hard to clean them.

  10. Andrew Garth

    This is a great little machine, it works its ass off and does everything and more I could expect of it.

  11. Joel Howell

    I bought this backhoe about three years ago after doing a ton of research on towable backhoes. After many hours of research I came to the conclusion that this was the best one on the market and over the years this has proven to be the case. I own 10 fairly rocky acres in Southern Arizona and between digging waterlines and the foundations for my house, shed and greenhouse this backhoe has served me very well. Of course there have been other projects like digging holes for trees and some drainage ditches where this backhoe has performed very well. I have also loaned it out to neighbors for a few of their projects and have only heard good things from them as well. Also; in the three years I have owned this backhoe it has never broken down. I did lose the owners manual though but when I contacted customer service they sent me a PDF of the manual within a day. Bottom line…This is the best towable backhoe out there and you can’t possibly go wrong buying it. You won’t be disappointed.

  12. Brad

    I have 2 older backhoes, and this machine is awsome. It starts easly, and I can move it around quickly, so I can get my jobs done fast.

  13. Paul P Kieu

    I bought it 4 years ago, I just need to change the engine oil, the emergency shutdown button is broken, but it’s not difficult to replace, it only costs a few dollars. I am very satisfied with my correct choice.

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