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GTS-2000pro Wood chipper


A solid self-feeding commercial-grade machine that handles branched up to 4.5 inches in diameter.

Featuring a rotating drum with 2 sharp blades and one counter blade.

This is the perfect machine for you if you plan on towing with a 2″ ball hitch, need fast access to the drum, and have a tone to chip.


Our GTS-2000pro Wood Chipper has an especially solid and stable construction allowing it to be suitable for commercial use.

The chipper weighs about 450 lbs, but thanks to the large rubber tires and ingenious weight distribution, it can be moved easily.

The narrow 26.5”  design allows the GTS-2000pro to be easily moved through small corridors, doors, and gates.

The high ejection chute, which can be turned 180°, allows the wood chips can be directly expelled onto a trailer. This prevents having to move the shredded material from the floor to the trailer by hand. The throw distance can be set at the ejector itself.

Depending on the texture of the wood the chipper can take branches of a maximum diameter of almost 5in!

Two rotating blades on a heavy drum run against a counter blade giving the GTS-2000pro the ability of a self-feeding chipper.  All of the blades are reversible and sharpenable.

Additionally, the hopper can easily be opened with quick-release clips, which makes maintenance and cleaning work very easy.

This unit comes with a 2” ball hitch so that it can be towed easily to many locations.

PLEASE NOTE:  This machine is not suitable for towing on the highway, or at any high speed. The tries are rated 35mph off-road only

The chipper is very maintenance-friendly. Parts such as blades, striker blades, and belts, are easy to reach. In a few easy steps, you can remove the whole hopper in order to gain better access to wearing parts. The bearings are also equipped with grease nipples.

The powerful 14 HP KOHLER engine with an electric starter gives you complete independence from the power grid so that the chipper can be used in remote locations. The engine comes equipped with a recoil starter (pull starter) as well.

If necessary, It can be turned off directly at the hopper using the emergency switch.


Kohler engines

The American manufacturer Kohler has been building innovative engines that are distinguished worldwide for their excellent design and outstanding traditional manufacturing process since 1873. Alongside Honda and B&S, Kohler is one of the brand leaders when it comes to equipping garden and landscaping devices, as well as lawnmowers, with compact engines. Leading manufacturers such as John Deere, MTD, Stiga, Toro, and many more use these high-quality engines. Kohler does not only build petrol engines – today the innovative Italian diesel engine manufacturer Lombardini also belongs to the Kohler Group.

Compare our machines with competing products! You won’t find anything comparable. We didn’t only develop these devices ourselves, but also offer excellent service and spare parts. We have almost every part in stock. In the event of questions or problems, we are only a phone call away. With us, you speak with knowledgeable staff and not with “call-center agents”!

Technical specifications of the GTS-2000pro:

  • 4-stroke Kohler OHV engine, 14 HP, 429cc
  • Starter: Electric starter and recoil starter
  • Max. Branch diameter: 4 in
  • Total weight (dry): 447 lbs
  • Towing: 2″ ball hitch
  • Fuel type: unleaded gas
  • Tank capacity: 1.2 gallons
  • Fuel consumption: approx. 0.3 gal/hr
  • Ejection: 180° turn
  • Ejection height: 44 in
  • Feed height: 40 in
  • Number of blades: 3 blades (2 blades, 1 counter blade)
  • Hopper entry measurement: 18.5x 16 in (LxH)
  • Measurements: about 7.5x 2.1x 4.8 ft

Note: The device is delivered in a wooden crate. Shipping usually takes about 10-14 business days for residential addresses. It can take up to 4 weeks for some rural areas. You should allow half an hour for final assembly. Assembly is easy; you will need approx. 2 quarts of engine oil for the engine. We recommend multi-grade oil of classification 10W40 or 15W40. Assembly instructions and an instruction manual are included. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


7 reviews for GTS-2000pro Wood chipper

  1. Dennis Smith

    I’ve been relatively pleased with the operation of the gts 2000 pro. It handles green material up to 4-5 inches in diameter with relative ease. Don’t force materiel on the cutter head it will self feed. The only disappointment recently realized were the bolts with my lock nuts holding the motor to the base plate were only finger tight. This allowed the motor to lose its alignment with the drum pulleys causing the the drive belts to tare apart. After replacing the belts and aligning the motor and base plate with the drum pulleys the chipper works great.

  2. Ed Recknagle

    The 2000 pro is a great chipper, I really like the way it feeds itself. I did have one issue, the wheels are too narrow for field towing. First thing I did was tip it over, and at 450 lbs it’s a load to tip up right. It’s probably just right for going through gates, that’s just not what I need. I did modify it and added just under 2’ to the track width, much more stable in the rough. As far as the chipper itself goes, it’s the best I’ve used; fast chipping, self feeding, no clogging and it will chip large diameter branches up to fire wood size. I’m very happy.

  3. Myron Hartford

    I have the same problem with the exit Shute. After the Shute clogs and I shut the unit down I find it unnerving to put my arm down the shut to clear it. A simple hinge on the front discharge would be a nice change.

  4. Kenneth Lowe

    I usually don’t do reviews but I have been using a DR Pro 400. Well I cleared out about 2 1/2 acres of pines and found out it wasn’t going to get it. The gts 2000 pro is a freakin beast with 3″ limbs 10 ft. long you cannot feed it fast enough. I would highly recommend this chipper

  5. Caleb Tanner

    I had watched a lot of videos online before I purchased the GTS-3000. I was hoping it would perform as well as the videos. However, once I got it running, it performed exceedingly better than what I had expected. It loves green wood, and will take anything You can fit in the chute. No need for hydraulic feed, it rips them out of your hand and folds the side branches. Very satisfying, the king of portable 6 inch chippers. Also, Ted, who runs the service department, is probably the most helpful individual I have ever dealt with in this industry. You won’t find a better chipper for the price.

  6. D Vangsness

    Purchased a few weeks ago and I have put this thing through the paces. The overall design is excellent and it eats branches really well…more along the lines of much higher priced tow-behind units. It’s ability to suck them through is better than the larger pto driven unit I also own. I am impressed with the design and power is adequate for its size. There are however, two serious design flaws. One is the narrow wheel base. This thing tips over on any slight incline. It should be about 36″ wide and it would still be maneuverable through most gates and work much better in the woods where many will use it. It is narrow and top heavy. This is a serious design error. The thing is nearly impossible to get back upright since it is so heavy. I am working on a modification to move the wheels out. A guy should not have to break out the welder to make a new piece of equipment serviceable. The other issue is the large number of protruding bolt heads in the intake chute. If the design demands all that stuff be bolted to the outside of the chute, they should have used carriage bolts with smooth heads on the inside. This is so basic I can’t understand it. Really absurd. Overall it runs well and devours branches and makes good chips. Two simple changes would make it a “5”

  7. steves

    I just received my 2000 Pro. Lee was the sales person. She told me it would be on a truck to me the next day and true to her word, it was. It arrived intact…well protected on a pallet. It took me about an hour and a half and I had it running. Assembly was minimal and no missing parts. Very straight forward. Very obvious how it went together. I checked all the bolts, the belts and the cutter blades and everything was tight and adjusted correctly. Gas and oil and it started right up with three pulls. I will connect the electric starter tomorrow.

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