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Hydraulic earth drill Jansen HBG-200 Auger



The Jansen HBG-200 hydraulic earth drill

Our Jansen HBG-200 hydraulic earth drill is the perfect choice for small excavators, wheel loaders, farm loaders or tractors with front loaders.

The earth drill can be connected up quickly and easily to various carrier devices. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications in the fields of gardening and landscaping, forestry, public works, and the construction industry. Planting and fence post holes can be bored in no time at all.

We offer a wide assortment of augers ranging from 6″ to 15″ – depending on your requirements, the application, job duration and existing carrier device. All our augers for our tractor drill models TBG-100 & TBG-200 are compatible with the Jansen HBG-200 hydraulic drill. You can drill to a depth of up to 4 feet with each auger.

Compare our machines with competing products! You won’t find anything comparable. We didn’t only develop these devices ourselves, but also offer excellent service (master technicians workshop) and spare parts. We have almost every part in stock. In the event of questions or problems, we are only a phone call away. With us, you speak with knowledgeable staff and not with “call center agents”!


  • Fence construction
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Digging plant holes
  • Well drilling
  • Installing posts and masts
  • Road signs
  • Noise protection walls
  • Building industry
  • Forestry
  • and much more

Technical specifications:

  • Drill drive: hydraulic via mini excavator, wheel loader, tractor etc.
  • Available augers: 6″ , 9″, 12″ , 15″
  • Incl. 2 suitable hydraulic hoses
  • Drilling depth: approx. 4 feet
  • Rotation speed: 5-300 rpm
  • Torque: 273 ft-lb
  • Output: max. of 10 kW
  • Operating pressure: 2600 psi
  • Oil flow rate: from approx. 4 gal/minute, max. of 16 gal/minute
  • Weight: 62lbs



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